Create your own window drawing in just 5 simple steps! Draw on your window, glass door or actually it can be on any smooth transparent surface! In the shop you can find fun ready-made printable designs for various occasions. Print the design and start drawing. Fun to do for/with kids!


Ok, so you buy a window drawing in the shop, but what do you get?

A window drawing. Not 1 but 5! Huh? Well, you'll receive the design in 5 sizes, so if you have a small or large window, it'll pretty much always fit. You can print one size (like the XXL that is generally 50 cm), but if you have a window drawing that consists of several parts (like the letters or doodles), it's fun to play with the sizes and mix and match, for example combining the M and XL.

When you buy a design with text, you'll receive it in a normal ánd mirrored version. Print the normal version if you want to read the text inside or mirrored if you want the passersby to read it. A lot of designs are also available in multiple languages. Usually in Dutch and English, but I'm adding more and more designs in German and French too.

Besides using the printables as window drawing templates, you can print the smaller sizes (that consists of 1 page) and use it as a coloring page too. Have your kids color them, put in a frame and you'll have a perfect gift for the grandparents.

Besides drawing on your window, you can also draw on other surfaces. Think of a window, jar, table, greenhouse, shower, tea lights, etcetera. Create an original gift or a handmade decor piece for your home.

Some designs are a bit more expensive than the rest because they're more extensive. For example the doodles, they usually consist of 20+ drawings. But also window drawings you can customize with a name for a birth, wedding or birthday announcement.
Happy (window)drawing!