W H O ?
Hi! I'm Anke, also known as ankepanke and I'm a Dutch designer. I was born in the summer of 1981 and I live in the south of the Netherlands with my sweet BF and in a not too distant future also 2 kittens. I’m always doing something creative and for some reason I can't stop drawing cats.

I'm the one who posts on social media, answers the emails and designs most of the window drawing designs. But I collaborate with awesome people, check out who over here.

W H Y ?
When I was on Flavourites Live 2016 and drawing on windows for fun, people asked how they could do that themselves and that’s how the idea started: a shop where people could print designs at home and trace them on their windows. Everyone knows the window drawings around the holidays, but you can draw so more than that! Think of flowers in the spring, a birth announcement, decoration for a party and let’s not forget about the shop windows. The ready-made drawings aren’t just fun, but also really easy to make! In just 5 steps you have your own window drawing.

W H E N ? was founded in January 2016.

W H A T ? is part of
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