Beavers window drawing

  • Beavers window drawing
  • Beavers window drawing

Sweet beaver parent with little one in the water window drawing. Fun for kids rooms with a water or animal theme. Are the tree trunks too short? Continue the lines till the window frame.

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design © + Celebrate the Little Steps
72 dpi PDF / mirrored n/a
download on computer/laptop, tablet/phone not possible

sizes ± (all included) parent beaver
S - 12 x 10 cm
M - 17 x 14 cm
L - 24 x 20 cm
XL - 34 x 28 cm
XXL - 46 x 38,5 cm

This is not a physical product, but a digital design you print (at home). Direct download after order is completed (up to 3 downloads, but print as often as you like). All designs are only for personal use.

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