Window drawing also works with and for businesses. There are even designs availabe that were specially made for you and/or are suitable for business use (scroll down). Only for personal use means that you're not allowed to sell the designs in any shape or form (digitally or printed). But some business use is allowed.

This drawing the design on the window of your shop, business or bistro or combined with photography projects, like styling of products. With this type of usage, credit is much appreciated. Are you not sure if your idea/use is allowed? Email me and I'll check it.

But wait, there's more!

You can have your logo converted to a window drawing printable so you can draw it on your studio, office or shop window. This is €20,00 and you will receive PDF of your design and draw-instructions.

Example: Sien en Co + Mum2b


Do you have something to celebrate or want extra special decoration for the holidays? It’s also possible to have a completely custom window drawing design made. This is €25,00-150,00 and you will receive PDF of the design and draw-instructions. It’s also possible to have the design draw by my (but that will add travel- and materialcosts).


To promote your business, shop or blog. Fun around the holidays or just because. This can be a printable you offer digitally or designed as a flyer..

It’s €20,00 for printables and €45,00 for a flyer. Together, we’ll look at what design fits you (and your target). You will receive PDF, standard or print ready so you can send them to the printers.

Example: KEK kamperen