Hi there!

I design about 80% of the window drawings in the shop, but in May 2017 I’ve started adding collections from other brands, to expand the range of products. It has become a nice mix of big brands and small designers, look over here to see who (went before you).

What a collaboration entails is that you extend a license to Window drawing for non-exclusive use of designs for a% of sales (stated on the contract). NB The shop sells printable designs people print at home and trace with chalk marker, these are not physical prints.

Window drawing uses the designs (non-exclusive) for window drawing printables. You will, of course, keep the copyrights, and will be mentioned on everything: photos, product description, printables, social media promotion, and so on. Wherever possible, you will be tagged and/or a clickable link added. does have exclusive right to sell the designs as window drawings. You cannot sell the window drawings yourself or offer in a different (window drawing) webshop.
We’ll start out with a collection of 5 to 10 designs and if we're both happy, we can add more.
• You will receive a % of the sales and get paid quarterly.
The contract is for a year with tacit renewal, but can be terminated by both parties at any time via email.
If you like, you can receive printables to draw the designs on your window yourself or to give someone a gift. Photos of this are highly appreciated, which I can use to promote and as examples in the shop.
• Promotion on your own social media channels of the products is very nice, but of course doesn’t have to be weekly.

C O L A B O R A T I O N 
As the shop owner, I will promote the window drawings (on social media), but if it’s possible, you or your products as well. For example, the autumn leaves of Teken-ing. At the bottom of the page is a link to the products in her shop. I also reposted something from Studio Inktvis on Facebook about stickers because many of the designs were also available in the form of a window drawing. Or in November with Flavourites Live, I sold stuff from my shop, but the designers could also send products to sell there.

There’s also a closed group at FB for the designers. Herein I post requests from customers for designs, general questions and news. Convenient to me, but also fun to network for you.

What I’m trying to say is that we, as small businesses, should help each other, because if profit, that translates positive to me and vice versa.

F I L E S 
• Preferably vector files, but if you can’t, high resolution JPGs (300 dpi) are fine too.
• There's not a specific stroke weight you have to use, here's a vector file to give you an idea of what I've used for the window drawing designs.
• No full color designs, I need black and white files.
• I'll create the printables, so I only need to receive the design. to get an idea, here's an example of a printable-set.
• Depending on the number and size you can send them by email ( or WeTransfer.
• To add you to the brand page I need a logo of you, like 500 x 500 px PNG / JPG.

D E S I G N   T I P S
Popular themes are the holidays but after that birth/baby, quotes, birthday and children, but feel free to design for the other categories too! Or if you have an idea for a category in mind, let me know.
Think in lines when you’re designing, not solid shapes. Its fine if some parts need to be colored, but most people don’t do that.
Your design should not be too filling, everyone has different sizes of windows and it has to fit everywhere. If you would like to work in a frame, make sure it's seamless so people can repeat it to make it fit (see, for example, the pattern window drawing designs).
If your design includes text, consider also adding versions in different languages. I am working hard to make Window drawing more international. So English is great, but if you have too much time, you can also add Dutch, German and French.

The printables are PDFs, but first saved as 72dpi PNGs, so no it’s not a vector anymore.
On each page is © (example is ankepanke, but in your case your name / website would be there):
Large format drawings are distributed across multiple pages.
No black and white drawings are posted on the internet (of other designers, I do sometimes share my WIPs), so people can't print (enlarged) ot, only in sample photo form, including ©:

This is not only for protection, but also great for SEO: In the product description (and filename of photo) your brand name is included and a link to your website.

I think that’s it. Still something unclear? Send me a message.
Have a great day, Anke