N A T I O N A L E   R A A M T E K E N W E K E N / 11+12.17
Organised by edding collaborating with Libelle, 100%NL and Raamtekening. The Raamtekenweken are from 13 November to 22 December 2017 and the best part if that everyone can participate! All you need is a nice (clean) window and a chalk marker. You can draw freehand, or download a template and trace this. Tag #raamtekenweken on social media and maybe win a prize!

X L K L E U R P L A A T . N L / 07.17
Together with Marieke from Plak&Co I opened the webshop XLkleurplaat (dutch website). We thought, why small if the imagination is so big? So not a print you’re done with in a half an hour, but coloring pictures of 127 x 90 cm. Wow! That’ll keep you busy for a while! What also makes these coloring pictures so awesome, is that they’re shipped rolled in a tube and not folded, so you’ll have an awesome poster when you’re done, to put up. Is your table too small? You can also put the XLkleurplaat up on the wall and color like that!

G E K K I G G E I T / 06.17
Renske from the Gekkiggeit shop was looking for fun tile-designs for kids and we met via Facebook. Not long after that the Monster tiles came to be! We think they’re really funny and look great (Renske draws them by hand!), you to? You can buy them over here: click (Dutch website).

K A A R T J E 2 G O / 06.17
I had the idea in my head to have a selection of the window drawing designs printed as post/greeting cards, but that turned into a collection at Kaartje2go (Dutch website). So much more fun for you, because you'll be able to add your own text and change colors.

F L A V O U R I T E S / 05.17
I sponsored a few window drawing designs to Flavourites to use as decoration and activity at the Snor festival.

Photo Flavourites and Maaike vd W

H A P P I E T A R I A    W A G E N I N G E N / 03.17
I sponsored a few window drawings to Happietaria Wageningen, a temporary restaurant, run by volunteers giving the proceeds to a cause (project Tear).

E D D I N G  +  P R É N A T A L / 01.17
In collaboration with Edding we added a fun window drawing design and chalk marker to a limited edition goodie bag for Prénatal. This design is also available in the shop.

G O O D I E    G O O D N E S S / 12.16

Goodie Goodness released a box with wooden coasters from Leeffstijl, christmastrees from Bloomingville, Himli angles from Jurianne Matter and... two exclusive window drawing designs: a happy (handdrawn) Christmas quote and snowflakes.

Photo Karin M 

Think we can do something fun together? Feel free to contact me!