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How can I pay?
With iDEAL, Paypal or Bank transfer. Keep in mind that products will be send (via email of mail) after the money is transferred, this can take up to 1-2 workdays.
If you choose bank transfer, transfer the total to account number NL12SNSB0898496101 (BIC SNSBNL2A) in the name of ankepanke in Eygelshoven (NL) citing the order number.

How much is the shipping?
Printables no shipping because it's a digital item.
Suitcase Send as a package, check in the shopping cart how much it is.
Other items
send in an envelope/box (track and trace not possible) and are automatically calculated based on weight and where it needs to go using the current prices from Postnl. You can see how much it is in the shopping cart.

What is de delivery time?
After the payment is completed:
Printables you will receive an email with download links in your inbox.
Other products shipped within 2-3 workdays.

I'm not receiving an order confirmation and/or download emails, why not?
Check the spam folder and if there's nothing there too, send me a message.

Why do some product have 1 element specified in the sizes?

Because the design consist of several elements, you can decide your own size.

I'm not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund?
Because the window drawing designs are digital and I can't check if you've used it or not, refunds aren't possible. It's a different story for the other products, send a message explaining why you want to return the product and I will try to solve the problem. When I can’t, you can of course return the product and you will get a refund. Shipping not included.

I can't open my window, can I still use the window drawing designs?
Yes! Check out a explanation how over here.

Can I draw on milk glass or over a semi-translucent decal?
Yes! The prints are black lines, so they will be able to see them and chalk markers are water based, so they won't damage the surface.

I accidentaly printed the wrong version, it should be (not) mirrored. Do I have to reprint?
No, just turn the paper around when you put it on the window. I might be a bit less visible, but still enough to trace.

I made a mistake, how can I correct it without ruining the rest?
Take the tip of a cloth, make it wet. Put the cloth on your finger and carefully wipe away your mistake. Dry it before you continue drawing.

The tape left glue residue, how do I remove that?
Put some benzine on a piece of paper towel and wipe over the glue residue until it’s gone.

The letters of the birth announcement window drawing are too big/small, now what?
The design is based on a short name, but if you download the smaller/bigger size, it should fit.

How do I download the window drawings?
You receive an email with links. Click on these and download will automatically start. The filled are wrapped, a ZIP, double-click and your computer will automatically 'unwrap', you'll need the PDF's to print.

Do I need a special printer for the larger sizes?
No, all sizes are distributed over A4 sheets (normal print-paper), a size L could be 2 sheets and a XXL 8. You'll just need to tape them together before you can start tracing.

I can't open the file?!?
To open PDF's you need Acrobat Reader, you can download that for free here.

I can't download the design anymore, now what?
When you buy a design, you can download it 3 times. If you want to download it a 4th time, you will have purchase it again.

I can't print the drawing, why not?
You need Acrobat Reader to print the design, you can download it for free over here.

The download link is not the product I ordered, now what?
I try to keep everything as organized as possible, but I'm only human so mistakes can be made. Send me a message, I'll correct it and you'll of course receive the correct files.

Is it possible to get a printed version of the design?

No, the window drawing designs are digital. If you don't have a printer, you can ask a friend to print it for you, or maybe at your work?

W I N D O W    D R A W I N G S
How long will the window drawing stay on?
This depends on the marker you’ve used, but as long as doesn't get wet or you touch it, it should stay on.

The chalk marker (drawing) looks stripy, can I do something about that?
No, because you're working with a marker, it'll always show. But! Have a look outside, there you'll see it looks very clean and opaque:

How do I remove the window drawing?
If you draw with a chalk marker, you can easily remove it with some water and a cloth. For example, when you’re planning to do your windows anyways ;) Depending on the size of the drawing, it’s advisable to get a bucket of water. Big drawings won’t erase with just one wipe. Check out a demonstration video over here.

Waterproof marker is waterproof, so you'll need Windex. Spray it generously on the drawing and then wipe it away.

Do you design custom window drawings?
Yes, I can make a custom baby window drawing for you, or if you want something else, that’s possible too! Read more about it over here.

C H A L K    M A R K E R S
Do you sell chalk markers?
Yes! You can find them over here.

How do I use a chalk marker?

When the marker is new or not used for a while: shake the marker (cap on!), then pump on a piece of scrap paper until you see the ink flow into the nib. Repeat this every now and again when you're drawing to get smooth lines.

My chalk marker dried out, what can I do?
Rinse out the tip with warm water. Then you dry it thoroughly (not completely dry, but not to wet or else your drawing will be watery). Next you do the same as when you first use the pen, shake it and then press in the point until the tip fills with fluid.

The marker works too well, the lines bleed, what can I do?
Wipe off the point of the marker with a tissue and don't shake the marker too often until it works well again.

How do I remove chalk marker?
Really easy with some water and a cloth, check out a demonstration video over here.

W A T E R P R O O F   M A R K E R S
Do you sell waterproof markers?
Yes! You can find them over here.

How do I use a waterproof marker?
When the marker is new or not used for a while: shake the marker (cap on!), then pump on a piece of scrap paper until you see the ink flow into the nib. Repeat this every now and again when you're drawing to get smooth lines.

What is the difference between a paint and chalk marker?
You can remove a chalk marker drawing with water, a waterproof marker drawing is water- and lightproof. So ideal for grabby fingers and curious noses. 

How do I remove waterproof marker?
You'll need Windex. Spray it generously on the drawing and then wipe it away.

I would like to review your product on my blog, can I get a free sample?
I love collaborations, so contact me and we'll see what we can do together.

I really like the designs, can I sell them in my shop?

At the moment I don't do wholesale, but maybe we can come up with a fun collaboration? If you like that idea, send me a message.

Could you come and draw on our window (business/shop)?
This depends on your idea and the distance I would have to travel, but send me an email and we’ll talk.

I'm a designer/illustrator and love the shop, can I sell my designs in it?
I collaborate with various big brands and small designers, so feel free to send me your contact info + designs and I'll let you know asap if I think it would be a good fit for the shop.

I have an idea for a window drawing!
Tell me about it! I'm always up for new ideas. If I create your idea, you will receive the design for free as a thank you.

Can't find an answer to your question?
Contact me and I’ll try to help you as soon as possible.