Ghosts window drawing

  • Ghosts window drawing
  • Ghosts window drawing

Are you afraid of ghosts? Don't worry, these will not harm you! Brighten up the neighborhood in October with these fun ghosts (but also fun the rest of the year of course).

design ©
file(s) 72 dpi PDF / mirrored n/a
download on computer/laptop, tablet/phone not possible

sizes ± (all included) boo
S - 3,5 x 4 cm
M - 5 x 5 cm
L - 6,5 x 7 cm
XL - 8 x 9 cm
XXL - 12 x 12,5 cm

This is not a physical product, but a digital design you print (at home). Direct download after order is completed (up to 3 downloads, but print as often as you like). All designs are only for personal use.

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