how does it work - draw on a jar

Y O U   N E E D
- Printable | Crystals
- Jar or vase
Chalk marker or Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape

There are printables specially designed for jars, but most designs also fit on large jars or vases, if you use size S.

S T E P    1 
Pick the design you want to draw on the jar, print and cut out. Put tape on 2 ends. The sticky side should be pointing to the print-side. Rub the tape on the paper so when you want to move it, you won't just grab the paper.

S T E P    2
Tape them to the inside of the jar.

S T E P    3
Trace the lines on the outside off the jar. When you're going to use the jar, use a waterproof marker (this waterproof, but not dishwasher safe). Be careful where you lean or put the jar while you're tracing so you don't damage the drawings you've already made.

S T E P    4
Remove the papers. Grab them at the paper to avoid pieces of tape sticking to the jar.

I thought the jar was still a bit empty, so I traced a few more crystals of a smaller size and filled the rest with confetti in the same colors.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.