how does it work - draw plaque

Y O U    N E E D
- Printable
- Draw plaque and block/clips
- Chalk marker or Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape

S T E P    1 
Remove the green protective foil and clean the plaque. If you don't the marker might bleed. Thoroughly dry the plaque.

S T E P    2
The plaque is a bit smaller than an A4 (paper in your printer), so it's easier when you cut out the drawing. Then tape it tot the plaque. Note! Text needs to be drawn mirrored.

S T E P    3
Are you using the marker for the first time? Shake it (cap on!) and press the tip on a piece of testpaper/tissue until the tip is filled with ink. Next you trace the drawing with a chalk or waterproof marker. Let it dry completely (about 5 minutes).

S T E P    4
Remove the paper, place the plaque(s) in the block or clips and place/hang your drawing. Enjoy!

G E N E R A L    T I P S
• If you want to place something in between the plaques ánd use a printable, first do the steps described above and then insert the object before clipping the plaques.
• Be careful with the plaque, it scratches easily.
• Remove chalk marker really easy with water and a sponge and if you've used a paint marker you can remove the drawing with turpentine, diluted with water 1 to 2 (i.e. 1 cup turpentine + 2 cups water). Use a wet cloth/sponge and wipe over the drawing. After everything is gone, clean your windows with a general cleaner or what you normally use to clean your windows
• Your drawing will look the best on the 'wrong' side, so put the plaque the other way around (with the drawing facing the other plaque or wall).

B L O C K    T I P S
• Keep in mind there's about 1,2 x 7,5 cm (at the bottom, centered) of space for the block, this will not be visible.
• It's possible the plaque won't completely go in the slit. That's no problem, it'll still be stable.

C L I P S    T I P S
• Keep in mind there's about 1,5 cm (centered, top and bottom) of space for the clips, this will not be very visible.
• If you clip something in between the plaques it can't be too large, or else the plaques will not stay on each other.
• Fold the clips on the plaque except for the back one at the tip, you can use this as a hook to hang the plaque.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.