how does it work - glass pencil / mirror

This example of the method was done on a mirror, but is also works on windows you can't open or if the double glass is too thick, non transparant surfaces and other non-porous facades. Is it somewhere where there are grabby fingers, curious noses or can it get damp? Use a waterproof marker.

Y O U   N E E D
- Printable | Beautiful quote
- Glass pencil
- Chalk marker or Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape
- Ballpoint pen
- Pencil sharpener

S T E P    1 
Clean the mirror.

S T E P    2
If you've chosen a large size printable (in case it's a design with text, use the mirrored version), cut it out and put it together. Note! Put the pieces of tape on the paper where there's no print.

This is optional, but I cut away the excess paper so I could better aim the piece of paper on the mirror.

Check if the printable fits on the mirror.

S T E P    3
Take the glass pencil and color the lines (on the printed size). The pencil goes kind of quickly, so you might have to sharpen it to continue. The pencil is a standard thickness, so you can use your normal sharpener.

S T E P    4
Turn the paper around and put it, with the colored side, on the mirror. Stick a few pieces of tape so it won't move.

S T E P    5
Trace the lines with the ballpoint pen. As you can see, it doens't have to be very neatly.

Remove the paper and voilà, you now have guidelines to trace with a chalk- or paint marker. Dit the tape leave some glue residue? You can remove that with some benzine.

Don't worry about the pieces of pencil here and there, you will wipe that away with your arm while you tracing.

S T E P    6
Now you're almost done and here's comes the best part: tracing with chalk- or paint marker! Oh right, I didn't start at the best point working my way up (you'll smudge the drawing!), so do that the other way around.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.