how does it work - phone cover

Y O U    N E E D
- Printable
- Phonecover
- Chalk marker or Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape

S T E P    1 
Pick the design you want to draw on your phone cover and print the page. 

Cut out the image, following the dotted lines.

S T E P    2
Tape the drawing on the outside of the cover. I cut away the excess paper at the top and bottom so I could center the fox, this is optional.

S T E P    3
Turn the cover around and trace the design on the inside of the cover. The normal Edding markers are a bit too wide, there are also extra thin chalk markers available in the shop.

When you're done, let the drawing dry thoroughly (about 15 minutes).

S T E P    4
Remove the paper on the outside (if there's glue residue you can remove that with a little bit of benzine on a tissue).

And lastly, click you phone in the cover. The drawing will last as long as doesn't get wet. But I assume you keep your phone dry ;) When you're done with it, you can easily wipe it away with a wet cloth.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.