how does it work - shower door

- Printable | Mermaid | other designs suitable for the bathroom
- Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape

S T E P    1
Search for a design and buy it in the shop. You can download directly after the payment is complete; you will receive an email with download links. Click on the link and the download will start automatically In case the ZIP files don't unwrap on itself, double-click on the file, you need the PDF files. On some computers you need Adobe Reader to open the PDF's, you can download it here for free. Now you can start!

S T E P    2
Did you choose a design with text? Select the normal or mirrored file. Mirrored is for when you want to draw on the window and it should be readable from the outside. Print the design. If you’ve chosen a size (L-XXL) that consists of various sheets of paper, cut along the dotted line and tape the sheets together to complete the design.

S T E P    3
Clean the shower door and tape the print on the inside of the shower with a few pieces of tape. 

S T E P    4 
Trace the drawing on the outside of the shower door with the waterproof chalk marker.

S T E P    5 
Remove the paper. Tadaaaa, your drawing is done! Enjoy.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.