how does it work - window color

Y O U    N E E D
- Printable
- Window color
- Plastic sheet
- Scissors and tape
- Patience

S T E P    1
Print the drawing you want to draw and cut it out.

S T E P    2
Tape it on a transparant piece of plastic.

S T E P    3
Trace the lines of the drawing on the other side with the contour window color. Let this dry for 1-2 hours. Find a demonstration video over here.

S T E P    4
Colour the shapes with the regular window color. Check if everything is richly covered, view it from a lower point and/or from various angles. Also check if you’ve filled it up to the edges. Let this dry for 24 hours.

S T E P    5
Remove the sticker from the plastic en put (rub a bit so it really stays on) it on the window!

• First of all: it’s not going to look clean. If you want that, this is not the right medium for you. But a bit crooked and not perfect does give it the charme of a handmade product.
• Second: The contour window color will run, so don’t draw too detailed designs.
• Use a thin and flexible plastic, this way it’ll be easier to remove when you’re done.
• Does the plastic have a smooth and rough surface? Use the smooth side, the sticker will easier to remove when you’re done.
• It’s better to draw thick lines (think 3 mm) with the contour window color, it’ll be easier to remove when you’re done.
• Are you squeezing the bottle, but is nothing coming out? Hold the bottle upright for a moment and squeeze until all the air is gone.
• To get as smooth lines as possible, put the tip of the bottle in the previous drawn lines, squeeze a bit and continue drawing.
• To avoid the printable moving, tape it to the plastic. You can tape it to the table too, but that will limit your movements.
• If you’re creating one of the text designs, draw the edges ánd color the inside with contour window color for a smoother finish (does not apply with transparent contour window color). This will need a longer dry time, 48 hours.
• Did you make a mistake with the contour window color? You can correct that with cotton swabs (if it hasn’t dried yet). Don’t swipe the cotton swab several times because it’ll smudge. Instead, remove something, turn the swab around, repeat, get a new cotton swab, etcetera until the mistake is gone.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.