how does it work - window drawing

Y O U   N E E D
- Printable | Butterfly from Tirzaworld Spring 
- Chalk marker or Waterproof marker
- Scissors and tape

S T E P    1 
Search for a design and buy it in the shop. You can download directly after the payment is complete; you will receive an email with download links. Click on the link and the download will start automatically In case the ZIP files don't unwrap on itself, double-click on the file, you need the PDF files. On some computers you need Adobe Reader to open the PDF's, you can download it here for free. Now you can start! 

S T E P    2 
Did you choose a design with text? Select the normal or mirrored file. Mirrored is for when you want to draw on the window and it should be readable from the outside. Print the design. If you’ve chosen a size (L-XXL) that consists of various sheets of paper, cut along the dotted line and tape the sheets together to complete the design.

S T E P    3 
Put the paper up using a few pieces of (washi/masking)tape on the outside of the window.

S T E P    4 
Trace the drawing on the inside of the window with the marker.

S T E P    5
Remove the paper. 

Tadaaa, your window drawing is done. Enjoy!

• Do you have double glazed windows? Close one eye while tracing, it’ll look less distorted.
• For the best result, draw on a clean window and it needs to be dry or else it will run. When your window steamed up, firstly dry it with a cloth.
• Are the available sizes too small or large for your window, print them scaled. You can set this in the printer-menu. Always print smaller, or else the image won't completely appear on the page. So, for example, if the XXL is slightly too large, print it at 90%.
• While you're drawing, every so often, shake the marker (put the cap on!) and push a few times on the point (use a piece of scrap paper or part of the drawing you're going to color later on) to avoid the point drying out.
• If you want to work with more than one color, first draw one color then the next and let it dry in between to avoid mixing.
• While you're drawing, be careful where you lean. Most chalkmarkers dry quickly and are smudge-proof, but to be sure: lean with your pinky on a surface where's there is nothing (yet).
• Always draw with the marker in a slight angle, pointing down. If this is not possible, for example when you're drawing on a window that tilts up, just shake the marker and push the point more often.
• Sometimes the chalk marker is too fluid. Wipe off the point of the marker with a tissue and don't shake the marker too often until it works well again.
• Did you make a mistake? Just take a q-tip to correct. You can also do it when the window drawing is completely done, just make the q-tip a bit wet before you start. If you're drawing with different colors, use different q-tips for each color to avoid mixing.
• Were you a bit too harsh with the pen and is the tip now damaged? With most brands you can take it out and turn it around.
• Would you like to photograph your new creation but it looks way darker than it look irl? If you photograph from an angle, it'll be better. But it's best to take a picture from outside (if you have the option).
• Tip by Debbie Schrijft: Put on gloves while you’re drawing. You wil smooth glide over the window ánd don’t make stains.

Download a PDF of the instructions over here.