Marker choice

What marker should you use? Go through the flowchart en see what (chalk) marker suits your situation best.




What stroke chalk marker should I use?
There are 4 widths available: 0,9-1,3 mm2-3 + 2-6 mm4-15 mm and 30 mm
• Less than 2 mm is perfect for small window drawings and/or designs with a lot of detail and when for drawing plaques.
• 2-3 + 2-6 mm is the most used width. Works nice for medium-sized window drawings. But also for quite large ones, if it consists of lines.
• Wider than 4 mm are ideal for when you have to fill large areas or if you want to draw big letters.

What stroke waterproof marker should I use?
Coming soon.

Does this not cover your surface, location or situation and would like some advice about what marker to choose? Send me a message and I'll get back to you asap. Happy (window)drawing!