window drawing

Are you looking for a unique way to promote a sale or event and have lots of (big) windows? How about a window drawing! Not just popular around the holidays and definitely something that'll get attention.

What can we do for you?
One of the window drawing designers  (ankepanke, ilse in vorm, Studio Inktvis, Teken-ing or Tirzaworld) will come by your business and will live-draw on the windows. We can design something beforehand or freehand.

Teamleader Market place (Amsterdam) by Ilse in Vorm

What do we need?
A clear description of what you're looking for, the size of the windows and practical info like location (only in NL) and date. Let us know via email and we'll see that the possibilities and costs are.

Feel Good Shop Event by ankepanke and Tirzaworld