Share a picture

The window drawings designs are created to be drawn! That's why it's so cool to see your pictures on social media. In addition to see how well they turned out, I can also use them for promotion: to show fun it is.

Do give you another reason to share your pictures, from now on there will be randomly chosen 1 picture and the maker will receive a free window drawing of their choosing!

H O W    D O    Y O U    P A R T I C I P A T E ?
Place a picture of the window drawing and tag raamtekening, this can be actual tagging in the picture of in a comment/tweet. You can find all accounts under 'windowdrawing': Instagram or Facebook. Are you not online? Then you can also email the picture to

• Pictures will be shared on social media and the website for promotion with credit (ie: photo by Tirza H.)
• You can enter more than onceIf you've bought multiple design you can send a picture of each. It's not allowed to enter several months with the same picture.
• They don't need to be photos taken with a camera, phone picture are fine! Preferably in color.
• Although I appreciate your own creations, pictures need to be of designs from the shop.
• The winner will be announced on social media and asked for their email address. If you've participated via email, you will receive a message. You can then choose a window drawing design, this can be any ready-made design from the shop.